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Totally Old Computer Ads

In case you know nothing about electronics or computers, you should be laughing. Loudly.

Holy crap. 300 MB for more than $19,000.

Little known fact: Email used to arrive exactly this way before Yahoo! perfected the art of non-lethal delivery.


Ok this is just weird. And we've seen Twilight.

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Plane crash.

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That Was Close!

An ex-wife maybe?

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Infrared Fart

It’s gross, and yet, engrossing. You’ll never breathe in an elevator again.

[youtube id="-NSlbkVVeow" width="628" height="353"]

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Weird Products and Their Ads

Whatever happened to Beachfront Property sold as sand in a little corked bottle?

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Installing an Air Conditioner

What’s really amazing is the zoom on this guy’s camera. Wow.

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Crazy Guy Roof Leaping

This guy is crazy.

Roof looks slippery wet and he’s doing Spiderman tricks!

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