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Emo-Grunge-Goth-Pet-PomPom-Death-Team WIN

Boy are they gonna regret this photo when they’re 35 and running for mayor or having kids.

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Best Teacher Ever! Passive Aggressive WIN!

Editor pick.

Probably the coolest teacher ever.

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The American Way FAIL

Now THAT’s depressing.

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Ambitious Store FAIL

Open 9 days a week FAIL.

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I Love Bacon

We don’t think he’s seeing the same thing she is.

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Bike or Girlfriend: Priorities FAIL

But hey, girlfriends don’t rust in the rain. Some things have to be preserved.

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Slightly Used Toilet Paper Rolls

“What a deal” FAIL

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Animal Activist Outrage FAIL

Animal Activist Outrage FAIL is published. Go PETA.

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You Suck, You Suck, You Suck

Just supportin’.

Name in Sports FAIL.

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Psychic Medium Healer FAIL

Pyschic medium healer distracts you with his hair and then heals you when you least expect it.

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