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Bummer, Beach Girl

Sorry kid. It’s just not your day.

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Astronaut? It’s Unrealistic.

Awesome book title.

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Roller Coaster Girl Courage FAIL


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Puppy Push

Cute kid getting some help from his friends.

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Goth Emo Skinny FAIL

:) We don’t know how quite to express how amused we are.

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Football and the Ownd Llama

Editor Pick

“Get Out of My Way”  A heartwarming story about an underachieving white kid who learns how to overcome the odds with help from his pet llama. Coming to a theater near you.

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“Only the Dead” Dramatic Kid

Somebody buy her a Barbie.

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Baby Gets Ownd By Parents Via T-Shirt

Awesome shirt.

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Mother’s Rhapsody

♥ Editor’s Pick

A hilarious tribute to mothers using Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

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TV Pals

It’s cute. What can we say?

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